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Spy Gear & Surveillance Equipment

If you're looking for the absolute best in surveillance equipment and spy gear, you've come to the right place. We've specialized in covert surveillance products for over 14 years, and we're always looking for new and unique products for our clients. Our aim is to offer the highest quality, new and innovative products at competitive prices.

If you're primarily interested in video surveillance products, please check out our covert video page for our selection of hidden cameras and other video surveillance products.

The 'Ghost' Phone Recorder

Phone Tap Recorder

If you've ever wondered what your spouse is up to on the phone, this unit will tell you. It automatically records all telephone conversations, and does so silently, with no pick-up click. This small and easy to use unit plugs directly into your phone jack, making installation fast and easy. It records high quality wav files onto any SD card, with 560 hours of recording time on an 8 gig SD card. Plus, all of the recorded calls are both time and date stamped, making it easy to navigate to any call quickly. It also features a built in speaker for playback directly on the unit itself. Only $125.00

The 'Equalizer' Spy Pen Camera

Spy Pen Camera

This little miracle is so versatile and perfect for almost any surveillance application. It features an incredibly small camera and a mini DVR which records everything. With no need for an outside power source, there are no cords or cables to deal with whatsoever. Ideal for all body worn applications, by simply pressing the button as you would on any normal pen, it starts recording audio and video. Simply charge the unit by plugging it into any computer (via USB), and all recorded video can easily be transferred to your computer at the same time. And it records for 2 hours on a single charge. Holds 2 gigs of video / audio.

Perfect for situations when you can't be in the room to record your subject, simply click the button, put it on a table and leave the room. And it even writes like a normal pen too! Only $99.95

GlobalVision GPS Car Tracker

GPS Car Tracker

GPS small imageGPS Tracker Detailed View

This unit is simply the most innovative in GPS vehicle tracking on the market today. Uses SMS (text message) technology to track and monitor almost any vehicle and includes software for real time tracking on your computer. Plus, this unit can send you text messages as to when and where the car is traveling if you want to use it, but you're away from your computer. This unit is great for protection on your own vehicle as well, as you can simply send it a text message to turn the engine off.

The package includes the GPS Car Tracker, GSM antenna, GPS antenna, wiring, relays, microphone, software and instruction manual. The unit uses Quad-band Connectivity, so it works great anywhere in the world.

Note: You must insert a working sim card (They're in every cell phone, and can be purchased inexpensively at almost any cell phone retailer). Only $199.95

Wraith Night Vision Monocular

Wraith Night Vision Unit

The latest in Night Vision Technology, this unit blows away any other night vision products out there. The ultra clear and crisp imaging system let you see through the darkness like never before. This unit's got a huge list of features, including 4x magnification, a 50mm objective lens, multi-coated optics, Efficient PULSE IR system, Built-in, high-power infrared illumination, High-resolution intensifiers, And it's both water resistant and fog resistant. Also has a 1/4" threaded bracket for use on a tripod. The unit sports a lightweight frame and rubber armored body. Includes a carrying case and lens cover. Only $269.95

STEALTH Parabolic Microphone System

STEALTH parabolic microphone

If you need to hear and record conversations at a distance, this is the piece of surveillance equipment for you. The STEALTH is the next generation in Parabolic Microphone Technology. You'll swear that you're standing right next to the person talking the first time you use it!

Picks up conversations crisp and clear for 200 feet. And it can easily be connected to any audio recorder to capture all the audio for later use. Plus, it only weights a little over a pound. Has an adjustable 8X Scoop to zero in on your target. Includes comfort designed, high quality padded headphones. Only $99.95

Undercover Surveillance Equipment

Spy Camera Glasses

spy camera glasses

These sunglasses feature a completely undetectable camera, and have 4 GB of memory built in to them. No messing with wires or trying to hide cables or a mini-DVR to record. Just charge them up and they're always ready to record whenever you are. All of your recorded video is easily transferred to any computer with the included USB cable.

Approximately 2 hours of recording time per charge. Includes carrying case, power adapter, clear lens, glass cloth 2 nose piece replacements and fully detailed instruction manual. Only $199.95

The Sentry Spy Watch Camera

spy watch cameraexecutive spy camera watch

The latest in miniaturized video technology, this functioning watch contains a highly sophisticated camera and DVR. Records video and audio, still images and more. All information is stored on it's built in 4 GB memory, simply plug the included USB cable into any computer's USB port to transfer your videos and photos. Approximately 2 hours of recording time per charge. Choose from the Sport design or the Executive.
Sport Spy Watch $99.95

Executive Spy Watch $149.95

Interceptor Cell Phone Camera

spy cell phone cameraspy cell phone

This one is truly the first of it's kind. This advanced unit records HD video, high quality audio and captures HD images. It features not only motion detection, but digital voice recording control as well. You can playback video right on the screen and it has USB capabilities for transferring your recorded files to any computer. It even functions as a webcam. This unit is perfect for undercover ops, reporters, home security (room monitoring) and much more.

Ideal for situations when you need to record your target, but can't be in the room. Simply activate the motion detection, and leave it in a room that your target will be entering. Includes an 8 GB micro SD card. Only $199.95

Wireless Spy Button Camera

spy button camera

If you want a completely unique, disguisable camera that gives a wide angle view of whatever your recording, this is it. Perfect for dressier occasions, or worn in an everyday jacket, this unit includes 5 extra buttons, so it will match whatever shirt or jacket you're wearing and runs on a rechargeable 8 hour battery. Plus, it packs a range of 300 feet.
Black and White Wireless Camera $199.95

Color Wireless Camera $249.95

If you're looking for hidden cameras, 'nanny' cams, or other disguised security cameras, be sure to check out our covert video page.

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