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Spy and Security Books and Manuals

The Krav Maga Online Course

For years now, Krav Maga has been recognized the world over by all of the leading countries' elite special forces units as the hands down most effective and easiest to learn and master self defense and combat system. Originally developed by the Israeli army and now used by the world's most elite hand to hand combat units, if you're at all interested in self defense, Krav Maga is for you.

Now you can learn from a Krav Maga Master with 30 years of experience, right in your own home. We have developed a complete and extensive Krav Maga training system with a top instructor, who has trained countless elite special forces units around the globe. Your training will include 41 videos that will teach you the most brutal moves that will take down any attacker in seconds. Learn at your own pace with all of the exclusive videos, guidebooks and audio training mp3s. Start learning how to become a deadly weapon today! Click Here For More Info...

The Complete Guide To Home Security

Far from just being an instruction manual on home security systems or surveillance equipment, this is the definitive guide to total and complete home security. Learn how to secure your home effectively and efficiently, get the equipment you need for pennies on the dollar, check out anyone your family comes in contact with, and much, much more. Why hire a home security expert when you can learn to do it yourself?
Click Here For More Info...

Family Self Defense

If you're at all concerned about your family, you need this guide. It doesn't matter how old you are, how out of shape you are or even if you've had no self defense training in your life. This course was designed and written by someone who survived a horrible ordeal with his family, and felt defenseless the entire time, and all after having had years of professional martial arts training.

He quickly realized that all of those martial arts systems overload you with so much unneeded information that you donít know what do to in situations that require immediate action, WITHOUT thinking! He designed and perfected a system so simple, that anyone, even a 72 year old woman can defeat several thugs in only seconds, simply by having the few, most effective self defense techniques that actually work embedded effortlessly in the subconscious mind. If there's ever a crisis, there's no need to even THINK about what to do, you will go instantly and effortlessly into the techniques that will put all potential aggressors on the floor in pain in only a few seconds. Click Here For More Info...

The Ultimate Concealed Carry Training Course

If you've ever been interested in obtaining a concealed carry license, this is the course for you. We have created a complete concealed carry training course taught by a former CIA Officer, one who's in demand by high paying clients all over the world for his years of experience. You'll receive complete training at home, in your spare time. And when it's time for your to take the course exam, you can even retake the quiz for free if you need. Once you've passed, you'll be sent your own personal training certificate. Click Here For More Info...

1000 Military Manuals Available For Instant Download

Our Ultimate Military Manuals Collection contains only proven combat and survival training programs that have been developed by real combat and survival experts. With these you'll learn all of the little known secrets of how to survive and thrive in any situation. These are all of the actual military training guides created to train all of the world's most elite special forces, including the CIA, MI5, Navy Seals, Army Rangers, and many more. These manuals cover everything you could ever want to learn about combat, survival, remaining undetected, surveillance and much, much more. Plus you'll receive 100% free lifetime updates from our staff as soon as new military manuals become available. Click Here For More Info...

Learn How To Street Fight For Real Self Defense That Works

Did you know that 90% of street fights end up on the ground within the first 5 minutes? This is the program that's been used to train military special forces all over the world in real life "kill or be killed" combat situations. Why? Because these techniques have been proven to work in the real world where life and death is decided in seconds.

Forget about fancy looking martial arts flourishes, and ten different ďtraditionalĒ moves that all accomplish the same thing, why would you want to memorize all of that? And more importantly, if you had to use those techniques in an instant, could you really remember all of them?

This course teaches you the simplest, most effective moves to end the fight now, IN YOUR FAVOR. Learn the few moves that will win any fight in only seconds, and learn how to have them so memorized that it becomes completely second nature to you, you wont even have to think about it if you ever needed to defend yourself. Learn to protect yourself today. Click Here For More Info...

The Secret Gas Savings Switch

How much are you spending in gas every week? How about every month? What if you could cut your monthly gas bill down to next to nothing? Iím not talking about all of those gas conversion kits that donít work: we're NOT talking about were talking about:

  • Converting to Hydrogen cells
  • No converting your car to electric
  • No water for gas scams

We're talking about a REAL device that's already in your car that, when tweaked, provides real and proven gas savings, permanently.

Did you know...

The average SUV can easily get over 29 Miles Per Gallon
The average Sedan, over 59 MPG
The average Hybrid, over 109 MPG

If your car was made in or after 1994, you MUST check this out, it's simply ingenious. Click Here For More Info...

The Tao Of Badass

You may have already heard about this program, it's the controversial course that has taught men around the world the most powerful psychological tricks and techniques that are proven to seduce women in any culture. If you've ever wanted to pick up woman after woman, night after night, or even if you just want to be so good with women that you'll be able to easily seduce your perfect woman when you find here, this is the course for you. Click Here For More Info...


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