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Espionage Unlimited: Privacy Protection Devices

Get the Ultimate Privacy and Security for your Computer!

Our computer privacy software is industry leading, state of the art protection for your PC. Did you know that windows tracks every action you have ever performed on your computer. Even if you clear your cache, the data still remains below the surface.

Anyone with basic computer skills can sit down at your computer and gain invaluable information. Hackers and others on remote computers can also easily steal your personal information. Protect your credit card data, social security number and all of your personal info, not to mention your computer! Our award winning software will protect you and your computer from hackers, snooping people and identity theives.

Features Include:

  • Absolutely Free File/Disk Shredder
  • Scans IE, Firefox, Opera and Netscape
  • Scans Eight Key Areas of Windows
  • Four Government Agency Shred Algorithms
  • Third Party Application Scanner
  • Award Winning Technologies
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
Ours is simply the best computer privacy technology available today. Destroy all of these traces and protect your privacy, personal information and your computer today for only $69.95 $29.95**

**Special Limited Time Introductory Price: Expires at midnight on -- If you order the course after midnight on -- expect to pay the regular price of $69.95.


Bloodhound - Bug/Microphone/wire detector

Do you wish that you had a snarling bloodhound to sniff out any surveillance mic's, bugs, taps, and even people wearing a wire? Well, you do now! The bloodhound detects almost all RF surveillance equipment in present use, and is small enough to fit in your pocket! Protect your privacy at home, work, in the car, office and even on the street - all with one unit! This system even notifies you of any VIDEO transmitters! Our competitors charge $250-$500 for poor quality rip-off's. Get the original, while they last! $199.95

Advanced Telephone 'Tap' Detector

Using the latest advancements in electronic countermeasures, this unit allows you to use your telephone with confidence. This state-of-the-art product will instantly alert you to the presence of a tap or an eavesdropper on your telephone line. If a tap is present or an extension is picked up, automatic muting is engaged to ensure you that no sensitive information is revealed. The RF detection mode uses cutting-edge circuit design to alert you to wireless microphones operating at frequencies up to 2 GHz. Our circuitry notifies you of RF taps AND in line taps! The adjustable sensitivity allows the unit to effectively check every frequency making it the ideal telephone security device for home, office or even in hotels. Don't guess--know, who is listening. Only $179.95


Portable Voice Changer

Whether you are protecting family members who are home alone, avoiding telephone solicitors, or trying to make your home office sound like it has more employees, changing your voice over the telephone has never been easier. This unit has eight voice masking levels giving you the ability to select the best one for you. Its ultra compact cutting edge design connects directly to your telephone's handset, giving you the clearest sound while the built-in amplifier can even boost your handset volume. Compatible with almost all telephones and office systems, this unit will also work on conference calls. Amaze your colleagues and friends by changing your voice with the push of a button. Only $99.95

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Travelers' Security Alert System

Perfect for every traveler, this device was designed specificly to hang on the inside of any hotel door. If someone tampers with the door this unit can activate either of two alerts: 1) Loud alarms or 2) Silent Flashing Lights (ideal for the hearing impaired). Be sure you and your family are safe while traveling! Only $39.95

CW1 Auto Alarm

This unit protects your car and car sterio against theft. The cassette shaped alarm locks into your cassette player with a deadbolt lock. It can only be removed with the key. Anyone attempting to enter your locked car will be greeted by a loud alarm, sending him to the next unprotected car. Specify long load or short load (depending on the way your car takes cassettes) when ordering. Only $39.95

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Wireless IR Alarm

This unit uses passive infrared technology to protect your home or office from intruders. The unit produces an infrared triangle that cannot be penetrated without setting off the alarm. Also, this alarm is battery powered, needs no wiring and can easily be moved to a new location. Perfect for apartments and several rooms in a house! Only $39.95

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The Watchdog

This unique alarm system uses the same advanced technology as some police radar systems to stop potential burglars cold in their tracks. Using microwave technology this unit can actually "see" through walls, doors, etc. to determine when someone is approaching and how close they are. When a possible intruder comes within twenty feet it begins barking like an angry German Shepard. And the closer they come the the more frequent and threatening the barking becomes! Only $129.95

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Sliding Window / Door Alarm

This alarm provides additional security to windows and doors, even if partially open. Any vibration from an attemp to open the window / door sounds the high output, 120 DB alarm. Only $29.95

The Fortress

This is the all-in-one personal security system. When you press the panic button, it triggers a bright pulsating strobe light, a 120 DB siren and a voice alarm that screams for help. Also, this unit contains a vibration sensore for indoor use. And, it even contains a a canister of pepper spray which is held to the unit with quick release velcro. Only $49.95

Telephone Scrambler

With our state of the art Telephone Scrambler you now can discuss confidential business and personal matters over the public telephone network without worrying about eavesdroppers. This compact and easy to install unit renders taps and monitors useless by way of encryption. Eavesdroppers will hear nothing but gibberish, ensuring complete privacy for all your telephone conversations. The Telephone Scrambler uses a unique code ensuring that only you and the party that you are speaking with can decode the conversation. Two units are used - one for each end of the conversation. Only $249.95 per pair



Booby Trap Alarm

The perfect perimiter security device for your camp, or to warn you of "visitors" on your road, trail, etc. Attaches anywhere with only two screws! When activated by a trip wire, the firing pin is released, firing the 12 gauge blank cartridge. Not only a great alarm, but the shot itself may scare the hell out of any would be intruders. This unit is also REUSEABLE, and made of steel. Only $59.95
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Booby Trap Pepper Gas Dispenser

In the event of a break-in, you need more then just a loud noise. This unit will stop the intruder quickly with PEPPER GAS. All you need do, is to simply string a trip wire (at any height you wish - to avoid pets, etc.) across any area that you want protected. Can easily be used on doors, windows, hallways, etc. When the trip is triggered, the device discharges 4 oz.s of pepper gas in a matter of seconds! One whiff, any your intruder will be on his way, providing he is even able to do so! Also, this unit WILL NOT DAMAGE INTERIOR FURNISHING. This unit is also REUSABLE, as well as quickly and easily installed! Only $159.95
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Surveillance Equipment - Privacy Protection - Covert Video Equipment - Need a New Identity? - Fake ID - Covert Weaponry
Covert Hypnosis - Investigations and Special Services - Private Investigation Training Course - Books
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