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Espionage Unlimited: Investigations and Special Services

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Find Out Anything On Anyone!

Get Unlimited Access to our Proven Internet Surveillance and Spy Tools.

After lots of feedback from our clients - We're now offering you complete, unlimited access to our closely guarded members only website with all of the most comprehensive records searches and spy tools anywhere!

You'll have all of the web's absolute best lookup, tracer and investigation tools plus closely guarded trade secrets. We have over 1 BILLION records from thousands of sources - all at your fingertips. Plus, we update constantly to make sure you always get the most accurate and useful results.

Check out what you can do in our members only website:

  • PEOPLE SEARCH - Find anyone, anywhere.
  • REVERSE CELL PHONE - Find out who that number belongs to or find anyone's unlisted cell phone.
  • BACKGROUND RECORDS - Perform background checks on your new mate, employee or babysitter... anyone.
  • SSN RECORDS - The best social security number lookup anywhere.
  • REVERSE EMAIL SEARCHES - Trace e-mail back to the originating computer and lookup e-mail addresses with just a name.

These tools work worldwide: U.S.A., Canada, the UK, Anywhere! All you need is a computer with internet access and you can perform any search from anywhere. And best of all, if you order now you'll get free lifetime access to the secret website and all of these tools are available to you instantly.
You can be investigating anyone five minutes from now! Our tools and resources are 100% legal, complete, and fully organized to get you the info you want - fast and easy.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: As an introductory offer, we're slashing the price in half for our first few members. If you order now you'll get immediate lifetime access to our secret website, with all of our tools, resources and searches for only $79.95 - $39.95!

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People Search - Find Anyone, Anywhere!

Let our on staff private investigators locate anyone, anywhere in the world for you! Find old friends, lovers, business associates, deadbeats, criminals, insurance scam operators, con men, bail jumpers, etc. Our experts have located countless people all over the globe! We not only have more experience than even the above average skip tracers, we're faster! Other companies charge you several times our price, whether they find them or not, with no refunds at all. Most private investigators won't even give you a flat fee, they'll charge from $50 to $75 an hour whether they find them or not!

On the other hand, we will locate anyone, anywhere for only $39.95

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Background Checks

Getting engaged? Curious about a friend? Would you like to know that person's background inside out? Our PI's conduct background investigations for many reasons. We locate criminal records, educational backgrounds, liens, lawsuits, judgements, bankruptcies and much more. Only $34.95 per subject
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Pre-Employment Searches

If you're hiring a new employee, you'll rest easier knowing you've hired the right person. Our pre-employment investigations will check both local and federal criminal records, professional licenses, educational backgrounds, verify standard information (property ownership, address, etc.), liens, lawsuits, judgements, bankruptcies and more. $34.95 per subject
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General "Dirt Digging" Investigations.
We will obtain the information below on your subject(s). Most of these searches require at least name and address, if additional information is needed it will be listed below.
Date of Birth
Social Security Number (Must have Date of Birth)
Driver Records (Must have Date of Birth)
The name and address of a phone line's owner
Unlisted Phone Number Retrieval
Employment Search
Subject's Social Security Number History

All searches: Only $39.95 Click Here To Order

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Web Investigator

The web's number 1 records resource - Used Daily by Law enforcement, Private Investigators and over 40,000 Private Individuals worldwide. They have over 1 BILLION records from thousands of sources all at your fingertips. You can quickly and efficiently find any record on anyone worldwide. This is truly the evolution of online info search!
Form a Nevada Corporation
Form a Nevada corporation for lawsuit protection, banking and financial privacy, corporate credit, asset protection and more. Nevada remains the state that offers the most privacy, freedom and profitability in which to form a corporation.

Why incorporate in Nevada?

  • >No state corporate income tax.
  • No state personal income tax.
  • No state taxes on corporate shares.
  • No state francise tax.
  • No state inventory tax.
  • >No state record of stockholders.
  • >No state record of owned assets.
  • No state information exchange program with the IRS.
  • (Nevada is the only state in the U.S. that does not share information)
  • No state residency requirements for directors, officers or stockholders.
  • All offices may be held by the same person.

Espionage Unlimited forms complete Nevada Corporations with little hassles or paperwork. Whether you are interested in Asset protection, private banking or any other corporate benefit, we can structure the corporation to best suit your needs. We form Nevada Corporations for $399.95, which includes initial state and resident agent fees. Call or email us to form your corporation.

Asset Tracking and Investigations
If you need to locate someones assets, whether banking, credit, past credit, cars, boats, real property and home ownership, We'll find it. We can also locate business property and even airplane ownership. If there's money out there, we'll be the ones who will tell you. $149.95 per subject
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Business Investigations
If your business has competition, or if you're planning on doing business with or investing in a company, you'll appeciate the piece of mind that comes only from a complete business background investigation. We locate a given business, identify the owner(s), subject both the business and it's owner(s) to a full background check including criminal records, federal records, liens, lawsuits, judgements, bankruptcies, fraud watch databases, professional licenses and much more. Our most thorough investigation. $199.95 per business
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New Identity Services

Bill collectors driving you crazy? Alimony payments stealing your whole paycheck? People looking for you? Is your credit rating laughable? You need a new past and a brighter future! We specialize in getting people lost, permanently! Get a new past, a new name, social security number, address and phone number (anywhere in the world), a college degree and ID and documentation to back it all up! Have anyone believe that you're in the French Riviera, when you're right around the corner. Obtain a CLEAN SLATE of credit, break with your past and relax anywhere in the world. The rest is up to you. Serious inquiries only, Click Here to get a New Identity Now!!!

Surveillance Equipment - Privacy Protection - Covert Video Equipment - Need a New Identity? - Fake ID - Covert Weaponry
Covert Hypnosis - Investigations and Special Services - Private Investigation Training Course - Books
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